On-Site Energy


Why work with an energy firm that competes with you?

Experience has taught us that focus is important to achieving business success. In our case, On-Site Energy (www.on-site.energy) focuses solely on working with energy intensive industries to become more energy efficient, reduce energy cost and reduce their carbon emissions. We exist solely to support businesses to hit their sustainability goals.

Our team has worked inside the types of industry we work with. We understand industry priorities. Our focus on energy intensive industry means we will only ever view project opportunities from their perspective.

We see our competitors getting involved with grid services such as gas peaking plants and grid scale batteries. Sure, they can make money doing those things, but neither has particularly strong environmental credentials.
Importantly, these types of projects compete with industry for scarce grid capacity and don’t create jobs. Industry needs that capacity to expand, achieve its sustainability goals, and preserve and create jobs.

This begs the question: why would you work with a company who is potentially competing against your interests to make money for themselves?