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Why engage

Pressures are building on manufacturing businesses to both reduce costs and become more sustainable.

Governmental policy is to decarbonise by 2050. This will be achieved partly by decarbonising the grid, and encouraging switch to electricity, but also through legislation that force change.

The costs of these changes will be felt in higher non-energy costs in bills, but also from direct actions companies will need to do to mitigate carbon taxes and achieve compliance with legislation.  We also expect mandatory action on ESOS recommendations.

For low margin manufacturers, their energy costs are one of their largest costs. Energy prices have been going up steadily but the events in late 2021/early 2022 that caused gas and wholesale electricity prices to spike by more than 400% has caused massive pressure to act.

Manufacturers are going to face a tsunami of capital investment requirement in the years to come, caused by regulatory change and pressure from customers and investors to be more sustainable. 

On-Site Energy can assist in bridging that gap through our zero capex energy partnerships. 

We invest in high specification solutions that bring down energy costs and improve sustainability credentials, structured in a way that is off-balance sheet.

Our customers benefit from updated equipment, lower operating costs, lower maintenance costs, higher standard compliance, improved sustainability credentials, and at the same time can reserve their capital for customer facing projects to expand their operations.

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Sustainability and Net Zero Strategy

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Getting control of your energy costs

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Infrastructure & Regulation

Customers & investors are demanding sustainability improvements and clear strategy to net zero. 

Competitive advantage can be gained by being in the forefront in your sector.

We can assist in both formulating and implementing your energy sustainability and net zero strategy, including decarbonisation of heat.

We can also assist with implementation of ESOS findings and energy saving measures, through our zero capex energy partnership model.

The best way to control your energy costs is to reduce your consumption and minimise what you draw from the grid.

We can help you regain control by identifying and implementing energy efficiency measures.

We can also provide low carbon and renewable power generation on or close by your site to provide your business with power and heat more cost effectively than the grid.  

Measures can be funded using our zero capex energy partnership model.

Building infrastructure (steam, electrical, HVAC, lighting, BMS etc), which supports manufacturing operations has an operational life of 20 years, but equipment has become more efficient &  regulation is also obsoleting some equipment.

Operational efficiency, aligned with your sustainability strategy can deliver real competitive advantage.

We can support your capital programme to upgrade site infrastructure using our zero capex energy partnership solution model.

Zero Capex partnership solutions

A key barrier to adoption of energy savings measures identified by our founder is payback criteria. 

This is often driven by balance sheet management and credit rating requirements rather a lack of cash in the business with which to invest.

The measures that would be implemented will have a typical 15-20 year operating life, and improve operational efficiency as well.

A solution to capex payback restrictions is our zero capex energy partnership model. Under this model:

  • we agree the specification of the equipment with you to ensure we are aligned
  • we then pay to secure all necessary permissions
  • we undertake the engineering
  • we agree performance criteria and interfaces between us
  • we project manage and deliver the project, taking CDM responsibilities where required
  • we pay for the equipment
  • we own, operate and maintain the equipment
  • you pay for the output of the equipment on a metered basis, at agreed prices. The prices agreed allow us to make our required returns, but still deliver savings to you against what you would have paid otherwise, and you also save in maintenance

What our clients say about us

“On-Site’s bid presented the best business case and was the most innovative solution. They have continued to work with us during the design phase to optimise the technical solution and have demonstrated a flexible approach to overcoming project challenges”

Facility Manager
Halewood, Merseyside

“On-site Energy presented fresh, innovative energy savings ideas and realistic business cases to Youngs Seafood for several of our sites.

Since engaging with them, we have found them great to work with.”

Group Engineering Director
Youngs Seafoods

“On-Site won our tender process due to their technical expertise and innovative approach.  Since their appointment they have rapidly progressed the project, have adapted to overcome obstacles, communicated openly and met their key milestones and promises.  The project was live from start to finish in a year.”

Chief Engineer
Karro Foods