On-Site Energy


Cold stores operate 24/7 with a semi-fixed refrigeration infrastructure, so short of replacing that refrigeration equipment what can they do to reduce their energy costs ? 

First focus should be on efficiency (reducing kWh consumed). There are three main practical areas that should be acted on:
1. Physical access – addressing door openings and other areas where cold can escape.
2. Evaporators – switching fans can save up to 50% of their load.
3. Air Distribution – state of the art systems for homogenising air temperature can be retrofitted to reduce load on refrigeration equipment, saving up to 35% of energy load.

Once made more efficient, on-site generation and waste heat recovery can reduce the energy inputs from the grid, and reduce exposure to volatile grid costs, making your operation more resilient with lower operating costs. Thermal energy storage and demand services can also play a key role.

On-Site Energy is technology agnostic. We will review the best suite of technologies to achieve your goals. We don’t charge for our assessment and concept explanations. We can even fund the measures without a penny from yourselves.

If you would like to explore how to reduce energy costs in your cold store then please contact David Jamieson at dj@on-site.energy or call 0151 271 0037.