On-Site Energy


In a recent consultation for the IETF round 3, individuals were asked what barriers were preventing their business from investing in energy efficiency and deep decarbonisation. The key, recurring issues that we saw were:

Capex availability and revenue uncertainty – The high upfront capex required often makes it challenging for organisations to secure internal funding and justify the investment. Additionally, revenue uncertainty resulting from volatile energy prices further complicates the development of business cases.

Lack of established policy frameworks and financial incentives – The absence of established policy frameworks and financial incentives creates uncertainty and hesitancy among organisations, making it difficult for decision-makers to assess potential returns on a project.

Knowledge gap regarding the technologies at play – Organisations are not always aware of the full scope of technologies at play and are therefore unable to unlock their full cost/carbon savings potential.

Limited human resource availability – Organisations seldom carry spare project management resources, especially those with experience in the delivery and ongoing management of energy efficiency or complex carbon-reduction projects.

Perception of new technologies – Organisations are often hesitant to explore new or emerging technologies due to the perception of these innovations as being high-risk, and thus impeding the chance of securing internal funding compared to traditional solutions.

On-site Energy Ltd works exclusively with energy intensive manufacturers to overcome these barriers through the resourcing of innovative cost/carbon reduction projects.

We are able to design and deliver these projects without requiring any capex from the customer or depleting valuable project management resources.

We do the heavy lifting in the design delivery, and technology risk using our strong background in qualifying emerging technologies and using existing technologies to develop more innovative solutions that have a meaningful impact on your bottom line and carbon reduction targets.

Please contact David Jamieson, Sales Director on 07990 787876 or dj@on-site.energy if you would like to discuss further.