On-Site Energy


Replacing 80MW legacy central boiler plant

Sector: Automotive

Technology: HVAC, Combined Heat and Power

The Challenge: Downsizing of site has left legacy central boiler plant (supplying 130C MPHW) for heating and process water inefficient and very over-sized. The company has set themselves strong sustainability and energy autonomy goals.

The Solution: New air distribution system provided reduction of 65% in Air-Handling units, and over 40% energy saving, while also allowing heating to work on lower temp hot water input. The resulting load placed it within range of CHP supply. Central boiler plant to be decommissioned and replaced with 4.0MW 100% hydrogen ready CHP, with back-up boilers. CHP is due to switch to 100% hydrogen by 2028 delivering significant progress towards energy autonomy and net zero.