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Our projects

We have delivered over £17m of projects to date, and are in construction or development on £25m of further projects. 
Project technologies include:

  • Combined heat and power systems (including 100% hydrogen ready systems)
  • Solar PV – ground and roof mounted, both within and near to sites
  • Onsite wind generation
  • Waste heat to thermal oil and steam
  • Waste heat recovery utilising heat pumps and other technologies
  • Waste heat to refrigeration using absorption chilling
  • Space heating, cooling using waste heat
  • Climate management improvement whilst saving energy costs
  • Low energy space cooling
  • Chlorifier upgrades
  • Gasification to energy
  • Refrigeration system replacement, and building a new cold store facility
  • Motor and Pump upgrades
  • LED lighting
  • Energy storage
  • Building and equipment control upgrades
  • Nitrogen generation