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Job Posting – Asset Manager

As our business grows, so does us our operational requirements. We are looking to employ an Asset Manager who will oversee over £20m of energy centre projects which operate 24/7 with high customer uptime expectations. We anticipate a further £80m of additional projects during 2023.

The key role includes:

(a) monitoring the existing projects

(b) monitoring the new projects as they commission

(c) ensuring preparations for monitoring and data access for the new projects are coordinated with our construction teams, customers and IT providers

(d) contributing to the development of our asset management platform including development of asset management reporting, proactive analysis of trends and operating data, interaction with our software developers to bring forward new features

This role will suit a person with attention to detail, an IT/data science background and with some mechanical or electrical engineering awareness.

If you feel that you are the right fit for this role, please submit your application via email to <>.