On-Site Energy


Is now the time to consider CHP?

Combined heat and power (CHP) has played a valuable role for many organisations in generating both electricity and heat “behind the meter” and saved many tens of millions of pounds in the process. At pre-energy crisis levels, a CHP would reduce energy costs by around £400,000 per 1MW of scale.

As UK grid has decarbonised, and net zero targets have been introduced, for lots of organisations they have struck a policy of not investing further in fossil fuel powered technologies, even though even today CHP can be carbon reducing.

In today’s high fuel costs, that saving is now well over £1,000,000 per MW, despite the high gas prices. Payback is also now much shorter.

What is also little known is that most CHP units are also enabled to run on 100% hydrogen when that becomes available. This will mean zero carbon production of electricity and heat within your site.

To recap, the deal is:
(a)   Save over £1,000,000 each year for each 1MW of baseload
(b)   Don’t increase your CO2 footprint
(c)    Shorter payback
(d)   Enabled to be zero carbon onsite generation once hydrogen is available

What’s not to like?

CHP has a key role to play in decarbonising industry and it should be embraced within an organisation’s overall net zero strategy. It is currently the most capable energy technology that can deliver 24/7 power and heat. Businesses can reduce energy expenditure straight away while also futureproofing their investment for when hydrogen becomes commercially available.

If you would like to discuss how to implement energy efficiency measures, onsite generation or develop and roll-out a carbon reduction plan for your business, please contact David Kipling, CEO – On-Site Energy Ltd on 0151 271 0037 or email david@on-site.energy. You can also contact our Strategic Account Manager, David Jamieson, on 07990787876 or dj@on-site.energy.