On-Site Energy


As part of the Autumn statement the Government announced that from 2025 it would double its annual investment in energy efficiency measures, with the intent of reducing energy consumption 15% by 2030. This shows a level of acknowledgement towards the importance of managing energy usage.

However, there seems to be a lack of understanding towards how time-critical the roll-out of this plan is. For many vulnerable businesses, waiting until 2025 is simply too far away to introduce energy efficiency measures. Urgent action is needed now to mitigate uncertainty and reduce exposure to market volatility. Businesses need to act quickly and decisively. Failure to do so will result in inflated bills and the prospect of having to increase prices.

A further time delay is also likely to arise in processing grants. When grants become available, businesses tend to wait for them. That application process takes 6-12 months, and no orders can be placed until the grant is approved, thus delaying implementation even further. Why not start taking applications earlier than 2025 so that funds can be deployed sooner?

Cost reduction and progression towards net-zero manufacturing can go hand in hand through optimizing energy usage, but it is unclear at this time how well the Government will be able to support this process, given the logistical complexity and financial restraints. On-site Energy Ltd works exclusively with energy intensive manufacturers to implement efficiency measures and explore behind the meter on-site generation, improving self-sufficiency and certainty of supply.

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