On-Site Energy


For a business to be sustainable it must have access to affordable and clean energy.

It’s now evident that businesses need to take control of their energy consumption with spiralling and volatile costs threatening survival. That means reducing consumption through energy efficiency and generating your needs on or near site. This is vital for the manufacturing sector and our food and construction supply chains.

With increasing energy costs, the payback of measures has reduced substantially. We can provide zero capex solutions where our customer prefers to retain their capital and focus it on their production capex instead.

We now see solar PV paying back in as little as 4 years, and with a 25-year operating life, it can earn back its investment 7-8x over. For the same customer we were able to provide zero capex solutions from as short as an 8-year agreement which gives them reliable costs in that period but much larger savings afterwards, in addition to the carbon reduction benefits from day 1.

Your scope and ours shouldn’t be limited to solar PV, but it’s a start and quick to implement. If you would like to discuss how you minimise your exposure to the grid and regain control of your energy costs please contact David Kipling, CEO – On-Site Energy Ltd on 0151 271 0037 or email david@on-site.energy. You can also contact our Strategic Account Manager, David Jamieson, on 07990787876 or dj@on-site.energy