On-Site Energy


While we still wait to find out the details of support measures for businesses to subsidise their energy costs for the next 6 months, its important that businesses don’t just rely on that support.  
Avoiding kWh consumption in the first place is the best way to avoid the spiralling costs.  On-site low carbon power generation can also shelter businesses from volatile markets   Both involve identifying and implementing energy efficiency measures.  

With current costs of energy, energy efficiency and on-site generation measures can payback quickly.  Businesses’ sometimes need help to identify what measures that could apply to them.  Complex heating and cooling or other power uses tend to provide opportunities for savings, but also mean that finding the right technology solution is vital to ensure they meet the needs of the production process.  Technology is also constantly improving, for example with heat recovery, which can provide significant savings.

If you would like to discuss how to implement energy efficiency measures, onsite generation or develop and roll-out a carbon reduction plan for your business, please contact David Kipling, CEO – On-Site Energy Ltd on 0151 271 0037 or email david@on-site.energy. You can also contact our Strategic Account Manager, David Jamieson, on 07990787876 or dj@on-site.energy.