On-Site Energy


We are seeing more and more multinational corporations (MNC) setting short and long-term Scope 3 reduction targets. As defined by the Science Based Targets initiative, Scope 3 emissions refers to all indirect upstream and downstream emissions that occur in a company’s value chain. Of the c.2000 companies that have joined the Science Based Targets initiative, approximately 90% have set Scope 3 emissions reduction targets, driven by growing investor, stakeholder, and regulatory pressures e.g., EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (first reports due 2025).

It is inevitable that these pressures are and will continue to be passed on to those within the supply chain, thus requiring fast action to be taken in order to meet the demanding selection criteria.

Of course, this is easier said than done and there are various roadblocks that prevent businesses from within an MNC’s supply chain from enacting decarbonisation measures, commonly the need to contain operating costs, a lack of financial or human resource, or the need for external assistance in identifying solutions. Other factors including regulatory uncertainty and a resistance to emerging technologies also make it difficult for businesses to implement sustainability measures.

This is where external support can add significant value. On-site Energy Ltd work exclusively with energy-intensive manufacturers to unlock a site’s sustainability potential through the design and delivery of carbon-saving solutions, without the need for any capital outlay from the customer. We have a strong background in identifying and delivering innovative measures on sites that had previously been deemed too complex.

If you are an MNC looking to decarbonise your upstream emissions, or a supplier seeking support in achieving ambitious targets, please get in touch with our Sales Director, David Jamieson, on dj@on-site.energy or 07990 787876, and he will be happy to discuss.