On-Site Energy


We deliver best-fit solutions to reduce costs and carbon emissions for energy-intensive industry

On-Site Energy

Working towards a zero carbon future

How can we achieve this?

We are specialists in reducing cost and carbon emissions for energy intensive manufacturers

We are very supportive of businesses and Governments setting bold sustainability targets, but we also recognise the barriers that prevent businesses from achieving such targets, commonly the need to contain operating costs, a lack of financial or human resource, or the need for external assistance in identifying solutions.
We deliver projects either on a capex basis or through a zero-capex energy partnership, where we fund the measures and operate them for the term of the agreement.

Our core principles:

The sectors we support

Car Manufacturing

Automotive manufacturing

factory of the pharmaceutical industry. pills on the conveyor

Chemical and Pharmacuetical manufacturing

Cold storage, grocery warehouse for storing perishable meat, fish, vegetables products. Freezing warehousing

Cold Chain and Warehousing

Computer Mnufacturing

Electronics and
Semi-conductor manufacturing

Loafs of bread in a bakery on an automated conveyor belt

Food and Beverage manufacturing

steel manufacture

Glass, Ceramics, Steel and Brick industries

sugar factory industry line production cane process

Energy intensive manufacturing

for the production of plastic bottles and bottles on a conveyor belt factory

Plastics manufacturing

Data center computers large facility with servers storage. Illustration Generative AI

Data Centres and other heavy power users

Our Philosophy

How are we different?

On-Site has a number of distinct differences from our competitors:

  • We are more innovative and have won projects directly due to our ability to identify and adopt the emerging technologies in the market.

  • We are privately funded and build-out with our own capital, enabling speed and flexibility, more so than the larger energy companies who rely on institutional funding for their capital.

  • We are willing to embrace complexity and develop solutions where other providers say no. We have delivered projects that had either not been identified or were deemed as ‘too complex’ by other providers.

Our team comes from within manufacturing, so understand the pressures of operations, capital constraints and need for resilience.  We also have a strong background in project finance and accounting.

geothermal underground hot water extraction wellhead (pump)

What our clients say about us

“On-Site’s bid presented the best business case and was the most innovative solution. They have continued to work with us during the design phase to optimise the technical solution and have demonstrated a flexible approach to overcoming project challenges”
Facility Manager
Major Automotive Manufacturer
“On-site Energy presented fresh, innovative energy savings ideas and realistic business cases to Youngs Seafood for several of our sites. Since engaging with them, we have found them great to work with.”
Group Engineering Director
Youngs Seafoods
“On-Site won our tender process due to their technical expertise and innovative approach. Since their appointment they have rapidly progressed the project, have adapted to overcome obstacles, communicated openly and met their key milestones and promises. The project was live from start to finish in a year.”
Chief Engineer
Karro Foods