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Your partner for the transition to Low Carbon and Sustainability

We are specialists in reducing cost and carbon emissions for energy intensive manufacturers

How can we achieve this?

We help our customers identify innovative, meaningful reductions in cost and CO2.

We deliver projects either on a capex basis or through a zero capex energy partnership, where we fund the measures and operate them for the term of the agreement.

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We specialise in working with energy intensive manufacturing, with particular focus on:

  • Automotive and other energy intense manufacturing
  • Chemical and Petrochemical manufacturing
  • Cold Chain
  • Electronics and Semi-conductor manufacturing
  • Food and Beverage manufacturing
  • Glass, Ceramics, Steel and Brick industries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastics manufacturing

We also work with data centres and certain selected industries.

Why are we different?

On-Site has a number of distinct differences from our competitors:

  • We are fully privately funded and build-out with our own capital, enabling speed and flexibility
  • We offer much greater commercial flexibility in our terms than larger energy companies or those who rely on institutional funding for their capital.
  • We have won projects directly due to our flexibility on term of the agreement, as we recognise that corporates are unable to make longer term commitments
  • We are more innovative, and have a background in identifying emerging energy technologies at an early stage

Our team comes from within manufacturing, so understand the pressures of operations, capital constraints and need for resilience.  We also have a strong background in project finance and accounting.